Who We Are

Cinder Systems is an open source development company specializing in Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 web development and consulting. We have been providing our consulting services for Government of Canada clients in the Ottawa area for almost twenty years.

Cinder Systems is active in the open source community. We are committed to helping improve the Drupal WetKit distribution, with contributions aimed to improve web accessibility (WCAG AA) and compatibility.

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Vision and Values

We aim to become Ottawa’s leader in open source technology through community involvement, advocacy, and by contributing back.

Innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction is at the core of what drives our business. Our values define who we are, how we work, and what we strive to do.

Our Philosophy

Focus on the user and everything else will follow.

We take a User-Centered Design approach that considers the whole User Experience (UX). We put the user at the center of all our decisions. Combined with the agile methodology, we produce the highest quality solutions that deliver the best business value possible.

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About the Owner

Stephen Mulvihill is an Ottawa web developer with over ten years’ experience working with government and private sector clients. He has been architecting solutions with the Drupal platform for more than ten years where his involvement has encompassed the full spectrum of system architecture, software design and Drupal web development. He enjoys contributing back to the Drupal open source community.

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